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Wastewater treatment

Tubular UF membrane with different diameter, 5mm, 8mm, 10mm, and 12.5mm, can be configured into multiple module size. High flux and easy to be cleaned and backwashed. 

- Municipal wastewater

- Washing, food, emulsified wastewater

- Rinse dye printing wastewater

- Electroplating wastewater

- Emulsion oily wastewater

- Sewage wastewater  


- Tobacco wastewater

Ink Wastewater Treatment
Printing wastewater is of complex composition, high content of organic pollutants, chemical oxygen xonsumption, which contains a lot if oil, high color, pH and solids content, in which the targets are 500~1000 times more than emissions. It's difficult to treat this wastewater and direct emissions will seriously pollute the environment for the wastewater containing a lot of active ingredients, such as surface active agents.
Special tubular membrane treatment printing wastewater can be high efficiency. The wastewater can be directly into the membrane without pretreatment, the high concentration factor, the active ingredient of 90% recycling rate, membrane with high recycling performance, long life, automatic control, low labor intensity, so they have a good application prospects in printing wastewater treatment.

printing wastewater
Pretreatment For RO system 
For wastewater of complicated ingredients, which is need to be treated and recovered. Pretreatment will remove solids and small particles etc to prevent the next RO system, guarantee long service life and good performance, which makes the recovered water to meet the standard.
Membrane application process:
Pretreatment MF UF system - RO system - water recovered

Process advantages:
Completely reject the bacterials and small particles, result in good production water quality
Low energy consumption, low operating costs
Modulization designed, suitable for large-scale projects
Convenient for operation and maintenance, easy tp manage
pringting wastewater treatment
Petrochemical Wastewater Treatment
Petrochemical industry based oil as raw material, it's a organic producing process with cracking, refining, fraction, reforming, synthesis and other process. Refining of per ton crude oil should consumed 30-50 tons water, the produced water are complicated, large fluctuations in water quality and quantity, large amount of wastewater, high concentration of organic matter, serious environmental pollution
Double membrane (UF and RO) process treated the pretreatment petrochemical wastewater in order to recycle and reuse the water. Pretreatment and biological treatment can remove a large number of biodegradation organic matter, UF system use external hollow fiber membrane modules, can remove bacteria, increase the residence time of non-degradable substances, while reducing the pollution of with the follow-uf reverse osmosis membrane.

petrochemical wastewater
Oily Wastewater Treatment
Metallurgical factory produce a large mount of oil emulsified wastewater during ther manufacturing process. The cold emulsion wastewater treatment is the most difficult, the general treatment of oily wastewater are flotation, adsorption, biological, chemical, etc., but are difficult to get good treatment effect. Ceramic membrane with acid and alkali resistance, high mechanical strength, narrow pore size distribution, and long life, so it's applied in oily wastewater treatment for its simple operation and stable performance, high flux, good product quality.
No flocculation, neutralization and other chemical steps, reduce secondarypollution.
High oil retention rate, the effluent oil content less than 10ppm, meet environmental requirements.

Reuse a number of valuable oil.

oily wastewater treatment
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