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UF membrane system to extract and concentrate gelatin

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Advantages of membrane application on gelatin concentration

(1) Energy saving: normally, first stage membranes operation just needs evaporation, per ton consumes 2-3 kilowatt-hour, without other energy consumption.

(2) Improve product quality: gelatin is thermally sensitive, if gelatin is under long heated situation, some macromolecule gelatin will be thermally degraded into micromolecule, which makes gelatin jelly strength reduced. For gelatin concentration membrane plant is operated under room temperature, the gelatin liquid’s strength and viscosity are improved. Besides, membrane pore sized are alternative to meet different needs. Nanofiltration can help remove small molecule substances or some salts. If with second stage or third stage operating together, the effect will be obvious.

(3) Simple operation. Traditional gelatin concentration system consumes thermal energy, power and also equipped with vacuum cooling system, which results in a complex operation. As to the membrane concentration plant, operators just need to switch related valves to keep membrane plant and systems working normally. The membrane plant and system is highly automated and saving labor force.

(4) Flexible production capacity, gelatin concentration membrane plant and system production can be adjusted through requirement.

(5) High production efficiency. Most gelatin production factory’s bottleneck is concentration phase. For high flux and production speed, is improves economic efficiency.

(6) Membrane plant and system can perfectly address gelatin concentration problem. Also, expensive small molecule polypeptides are recovered, and permeate water can be recovered.  

 Below are part of  Kaimi gelatin concentration project cases:

 gelatin concentration system1

1. Three sets of UF membrane system for gelatin continuous concentration

Gelatin liquid feed: 20 T / H
Project location: Vietnam
Power consumption: 55KW

gelatin concentration membrane system2

2. Single set UF membrane system for gelatin concentration

Gelatin liquid feed: 8 T / H
Project location: Hainan China
Power consumption: 20KW

gelatin concentration membrane system3

3. Single set UF membrane system for gelatin concentration

Gelatin liquid feed: 6 T / H
Project location: Guangzhou China
Power consumption: 15KW



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