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UF Membrane Systems for Filtering Fruit Juice

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Kaimi ultrafiltration tubular membrane systems for fruit and ve
getable juice are widely applied in more than 200 juice and vegetable juice manufacturers for juice clarification and juice concentration. Tubular Ultrafiltration as a new separation technology with cross-flow, owns several advantages: getting high clarification, keeping good flavor, good maintenance of VC, retention of soluble protein as well as the small degree of browning. 
Traditional juice clarification process includes selecting, cleaning, grinding, squeezing, enzymolysis, filtration (primary filtration and highly processing) and concentration. Although traditional diatomite filter and centrifuge filter can ensure juice flitration clarity, they can't remove microorganisms and bacterias, which limits the product expiration time. Traditional technology costs a lot for its complex process. In contrast, UF juice processing plant for juice clarification can easily remove bacterias, pectins, crude proteins and get quality juice product. UF tubular membrane plant also keeps juice fragrance and nutrition.

Process Flow Chart

Juice clarification membrane system
UF juice membrane module

UF Membrane Advantages:

-Maximum product yield and excellent juice quality
-Two-way feeding system, full use of membrane area.
-Automatic flushing mode to prevent fouling and scaling.
-PVDF has high anti-fouling ability, high flux, stable permeate and longevity.
-Good filter quality and product quality.
-Sterile filtration, keeps color, flavor and taste.
-No phase transition, remains nutrition.
-No need for chemical agent adding, no pollution.
-Process simplificated and production cycle shortened.
-Low energy consumption, cost efficiency.
-PLC control, integrated data processing, and online monitoring reduce labor intensity.

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