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Tubular membrane lecture for landfill leachate treatment

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Kaimi held a lecture about landfill leachate treatment

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Training lecture for Landfill Leachate treatment, a special and complicated wastewater. On 14th March, Kaimi held lecture for engineers, technicians, R & D researchers and process development engineers, about Landfill leachate treatment. 

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The whole lecture comprise 5 parts:

Part 1: Where is landfill leachate from?

Part 2: The landfill field's characteristics and influence factors.

Part 3: Main treatment process technology of different kinds of landfill leachate.

Part 4: The advantages of Kaimi UF tubular membranes and process technologies.

Part 5: Typical project cases analysis.

Based on our experiences and combine with challenges and development, maybe Kaimi is not the best in the world, but we are trying our best to be.

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