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Tubular Membrane
Tubular membrane is made from the membrane casting solution through being casted on glass fiber synthetic paper, nonwoven cloth, plastic or stainless steel support body with diameter of 5-25mm and length of 0.3-6m. A plastic or SS housing filled with membrane constitutes membrane module. Driven by transmembrane pressure, water and small molecules will be penetrated, big molecules are collected. 
Experimental Membrane Module
To meet different kinds of requirements, experimental membrane module's all specifications are customized, inluding length, channels, housing material, etc. Where there is a need, there is a way.
Sanitary Membrane Module
Reliable performance and surpassing durability have made the leading solution of sanitary membrane module, its permeate adaptor is yellow and transparent, so the permeate process will be visible.
Braced Membrane Module
Stainless steel membrane housing and perfect resistance to strong alkali and acid. Feed material pH range can be 0-14, widely applied in caustic recovery and waste lye treatment. Moreover, it can operate perfectly under high pressure.
High Packing Density Membrane Module
With large membrane area and small occupation, it gains popularity in wastewater treatment, especially in landfill leachate treatment. This module can perfectly replace Berghof.
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