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Sanitary Membrane Module

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Performance Parameter


05箭头 Juice clarification & concentration
箭头 Milk sterilization & concentration
箭头 Protein standardize
箭头 Wine sterilization & clarificationProtein standardize
箭头 Soybean deep processing
箭头 Tea extraction and deep processing
箭头 Brewage sterilization & clarification 
06箭头 Chinese medicine extraction & clarification
箭头 Antiniotic (penicillin, cephalosporin )
箭头 Vitamin (C& B2)
07箭头 Bio-ferment filtration
箭头 Enzymic preparation
箭头 Amino acid ferment (lysine, glutamicacid, glycine)
箭头 Organic acid ferment (lactic acid, citric acid)
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