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Province Special Support For Kaimi Membrane

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    Recently, Kaimi Membrane and Jiangsu Science and Technology Angency have signed a contract of technology achievements transformation funds, which marks that  industrialized project of Kaimi special tubular membrane's application in caustic recovery is established. At that time, Kaimi braced membrane production capacity will cover 5,000 square meters membrane areas, 50,000 ultrafiltration braced membrane modules and 100 sets of complete plants applied in high concentration wastewater treatment.
    Meanwhile, Kaimi Membrnae obtained government financial support of 10,000,000 RMB.
The referred project product is as below.

kaimi tubular membrane module

Kaimi braced tubular membrane module

kaimi tubular membrane plant

Kaimi tubular membrane plant

    This tubular membrane has optimized resistance to strong acid and alkali. (pH range is 0-14). It performs well in high concentration caustic wastewater treatment, (such as 10% HNO3, 20% NaOH)

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