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Nanjing Vice Mayor Ran Hua and his entourage visit Kaimi and give guidance

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    August 14 afternoon, Vice Mayor of Nanjing Ran Hua, Liu Li deputy director of the General Office of the municipal government, deputy head of the money-dimensional Qixia District, city tax leaders, Science and Technology Commission, Finance Office of the relevant leaders and the principal leaders of District Development and Reform Bureau Visit our company to guide the financial services, scientific and technological innovation. Wang Huailin, chairman of the company and the relevant leaders received Ran Mayor and his party.

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    Mr. Wang Huailin, Chairman of the Board, expressed his gratitude for the arrival of Vice Mayor of Ran Hua, and gave a warm welcome and general introduction to Ran Mayor and his party on the basic situation and development of the Company and thanked the municipal government and district government for their support for the work of the Company.

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    Wang Huailin introduced several product application cases, in 2012, Kaimi established a chemical wastewater project for the Sinopec Group Yangzi Petrochemical Co., Ltd. After the completion of project acceptance, Sinopec chairman Fu Chengyu inspected the whole system also drinking purified water after the MBR system treatment. In the 2013 National Conference, Fu Chengyu, chairman of the 'Sinopec chemical sewage treatment can be recycled and drink'. After listening, Vice Mayor Ran Hua is satisfied with the excellence of Kami's products and the excellence of the program.

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