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Biochemical & Pharmaceutical 

Ceramic membrane equipments which includes MF UF NF filtration system, specilzed in dealing with biochemical & pharmaceutical field, Such as medicine extraction and clarification, filtration of antibiotic (penicillin, cephalothin) fermentation, filtration of vitamin (vitamin C, vitamin B2), chinese tradition medicine (compound oral liquid, injection)

High precision separation, clear and transparant filtrate, preventing following purification process.
Achieve the high concentration products and increase yield.
Can recover bacterial in the fermentation, environmental-friendly and cost efficiency
Simple operation and reduce labor intensity
Fermentation filtration
 The traditional fermentation process, such as fram, centrifuges, diatomaceous earth and evaporation process, the product recovery rate is low, the loss rate is high, labor intensive, large amount of waste emissions and other shortcomings. Clarification and filtration and concentrated by membrane technology can not only solve the problem of the traditional process, but also makes the product purity and stability, lower production costs, reduce waste emissions and achieve efficient fermentation liquid filtration and purification of most economical enrichment process.


Medicine extraction and clarification
The extraction liquid of medicine and plants contain more impurities, such as very fine dregs, sediment, bacterial, starch, resins, oils, etc., dark color and high turbidity. Pretreatment process is to retain active ingredients of biological activity in medicine and remove impurities. Conventional methods can not remove some impurities and too complicated, highly energy consumption, low yield, active ingredient can not be retained in the maximum. The ceramic membrane equipment is applied in medicine and plants extraction and clarification, which can be directly filtered without cooling, reduce the production process with short production cycle, eliminating the hravy use of alcohol and concentration process of envaporation.

Ceramic membrane parameters
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