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Chemical Industry

Catalysts recovery and enrichment  .  Organic solvent recovery  .  Nanopowder washing and recovery
Preparation of ultrafine powders  .  Inorganic membrane catalytic reactor
Lysine Application
The company mainly dose agriculture products (corn) further processing business. It provides corn starch, modified starch, L-lysine, starch sugar, bio-fertilizer and etc. It uses Kaimi technical process from 2012, for separating and purifying Lysine fermentation.

Project Brief:
Project site: Shandong China
Treatment capacity: 1500t/d
Start at: June of 2012
Model: P1933 (50nm)
Threonine Application
Fufeng Group is a public corporation which produces bio-fermentation products. It focuses on researching and producing various amino acids, its derivatives and bio-colloid. The main products are MSG, Threonine, valine, Isoleucine, Xanthan Gum etc. It starts use Kaimi technical process from 2014, for separating and purifying threonine.
Project Brief:
Project site: Xinjiang China
Treatment capacity: 2000t/d
Start at: Feb of 2014
Model: P1940 (50nm)
Alumina Powder Desalting
In the wet production process of Nano ultrafine powder, need repetitive scrubbing the ultrafine powder to remove the foreign particles for purification. Ceramic membrane can totally retain the ultrafine powder but permeate the impurity particles liquor. Repeating this process with adding pure water can make very pure final products.
Project Brief:
Project site: Tianjin China
Treatment capacity: 15t/d
Start at: Jan of 2013
Model: P1940 (50nm)
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