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Kaimi braced tubular membrane for alkaline wastewater treatment

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It's known that caustic / alkali / soda/ lye are expensive and widely applied in industry production and the subsequent caustic wastewater/ soda wastewater is not only dangerous to our environment, but also contains precious lye / alkali / soda.  This tubular membrane tipical application is to deal with strong caustic / soda wastewater for its superior tolerance to strong acid and soda. Kaimi tubular ultra-filtration tubular membrane is made of modified PES and lined in its supporting steel tube. The most distinctive advantage is its tolerance to 15% H2SO4, 20% NaOH and pH 0-14. Anti-polluting and anti-scaling also result in its competitiveness with 12.5mm wide channel. so it
s widely applied in wastewater of high solids, high viscosity and its MWCO reaches 30000 Dalton, absolutely can meet ultra-filtration requirements.


-Unique and optimized tolerance to strong acid and alkaline wastewater.
-Lined Supporting tube in membrane module is detachable, convenient for cleaning and   replacement.
-Wide channel, anti-scaling and anti-polluting.
-Good flux recovery
-Narrow pore size distribution, high filtration precision
-Strong mechanical strength


Related Applications  

Banknote printing wastewater treatment
    Printing wastewater is highly polluted industrial wastewater with high chroma, high acidity,difficult to deal with.
Ultrafiltration membrane system can address the treatment of this caustic printing wastewater and recover lye / caustic / soda.
It not only save energy consumption, but also optimize economic efficiency and production efficiency.

printing wastewater treatment

Shanghai Banknote Printing Factory

MWCO: 30000Dalton

Membrane ID : 12.5mm

Operating pressure: 5-6 Bar

Feed characteristics: PH ≥ 13.5,   alkali content ≥ 1%
Treatment capacity: Phase 1 :  10 T/H    Phase 2 : 16 T/H

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