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Kaimi attended Singapore International Water Week 2018

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Singapore International Water Week 2018 (SIWW), the global water conference, was held from 9 – 11 July 2018 at Sand Expo & Convention Center, achieving complete success.


SIMM provides a good platform for water industry leaders and experts to discuss water pollution, propose water solutions and technologies. Kaimi is proud to be one of exhibitors and showcased its latest innovations and water treatment technologies.



Kaimi brought its representative membrane products samples- juice ultrafiltration membrane, high packing density membrane, ceramic membrane and tubular membrane of high resistance to strong acid and alkali to the exhibition. Many customers showed their great interest in our membrane products and communicated with our engineers about the process characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of each membrane.


Kaimi is currently the manufacturer and supplier of the most complete kinds of membrane products including ceramic membrane, tubular membrane and MBR system etc. in China, which have a long history of providing technologies in material separation, water treatment, etc.

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