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Kaimi Team-building activity in 2018

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12-13 May 2018, Kaimi organized a team-building activity at Hong Village and Qiyun Mountain in Anhui province. All the staff enjoyed a joyful holiday there.


The first place we drove to is Hong Village - world cultural heritage, known as "A Village in Chinese Paintings" for its beautiful views and quietness. Many people are absorbed standing aside, watching the views and taking photos to record the beauty.


After the travel of Hong Village, we went to Tunxi old street to buy some local specialties and souvenirs.

Qiyun Mountain is the last site of our short journey, which name means “as much high as the clouds”. We stopped here for a long time to climb the mountain, enjoy the beautiful scenery and breath the fresh air.



Two days of team-building activity made a great balance between work and life and created a harmonious atmosphere among the company, which contributes to build a positive corporate culture and encourages all the staff work actively.

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