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Kaimi Ceramic Membrane Application

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Ceramic membrane is the precision casting porous ceramic filter. Driven by TransMembrane Pressure, runs as Cross Flow FIltration mode, for separation, concentration and purification. It is made of Aluminia, Titania or Zirconia oxide.  

Kaimi Ceramic plant and system advantages:

-Deal with high solids, oily, high viscosity, high concentration wastewater                       -Integrated MF plant and system                       -Resist to high pressure
-Optional channel width and numbers for treatment capacity                                              -Automatically cleaning mode

Kami Ceramic Membrane MF application including  remove suspended solids, bacterials, and other impurities as pretreatment for futher ultrafiltration system's safety operation, not only guarantees the permeate water quality, but also maintain membrane long service life.

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