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External UF tubular membrane for sewage and industrial wastewater

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External MBR system, tubular membrane pore size is 30 nm, channel diameter is 8mm-12.5mm, can effectively retain sludge, diverse types of suspended solid particles, colloids, microorganisms, bacteria and virusea and other impurities to prevent membrane from fouling and scaling. Efficient membrane interception makes sludge concentration in Bio-reactor can reaches 20g/l. Microorganisms degradation has also improved.
For large membrane area, wide flow channel and resist sewage blocking, it’s widely applied in landfill leachate treatment.  Nowadays, MBR+N F/RO process for landfill leachate treatment has gained a lot of popularity.  

              UF tubular membrane module
Type L M D A B H
KMTB-M-FU-0403M 3000 mm 2840 mm 108 mm DN100A DN40 200 mm
KMTB-M-FU-0603M 3000 mm 2820 mm 159 mm DN150B DN50B 250 mm
KMTB-M-FU-0803M 3000 mm 2820 mm 208 mm DN200 DN65A 330 mm
KMTB-M-PU-0803M 3000mm 2820mm 208mm DN200 DN65A 330 mm

UF Ttubular Membrane  MBR
Tubular membrane MBR 1



-High and stable flux, 6 times to 10 times of submerged MBR.
-Durable, not easy to break, convenient to clean and replace, single membrane module can be replaced independently.
-Strong anti-pollution ability, periodic chemical cleaning replaces backflush, CIP operation is easy and flexible.
-Plant and system are highly integrated, indepensent and strong impact.
-Activated sludge are in high concentration, results in organic matter remove effect.
-Good permeate water quality.

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