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Application of External Tubular Ultrafiltration Membrane Bioreactor --- High Packing Density Tubular Mermbrane

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External Tubular Membrane Bioreactor (TMBR system) is an MBR process for high concentration wastewater treatment, which is mainly composed of biochemical system and external tubular ultrafiltration membrane system. The organic substances would be removed through the biochemical treatment; and the sludge water would be separated by the external tubular ultrafiltration membrane system. In TMBR system, high packing density organic tubular ultrafiltration membrane, as its core teachnology, is widely recognized for its characteristics of strong durability, antifouling and easy operation and maintenance.


Organic tubular membrane element is made of PVDF material, which is featured with high mechanical strength, low friction coefficient, strong corrosion resistance, aging resistance and so on. A number of large channel PVDF material membrane elelment are filled with high density into different sizes of membrane housing to form a high packing density organic tubular membrane module. The membrane housing material can be UPVC, FRP, stainless steel and so on, according to different application and system operating pressure.


The design flux of high packing density organic tubular ultrafiltration membrane is up to 50-100L/m.h, and the filtration accuracy can reach up to 20nm. Under the action of large channel membrane element, which is 6-12mm, the sludge can be effectively intercepted without causing membrane blockage and fouling.The high interception of membrane can ensure the sludge concentration in biochemical tank stay at 10-40g/L. High sludge concentration greatly improves the activity of microbial flora and microbial degradation efficiency, so most of the refractory organic matter in wastewater can be effectively removed. This membrane product and its application is specially suitable for the deep treatment of high concentration organic wastewater. Its treatment process is simple and reliable, and can run stably for a long time. It is widely used in landfill leachate treatment, oilfield produced water reuse, ink wastewater treatment, acid/alkali wastewater recovery, brine refining treatment and other industries.


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