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Extraction and clarification of traditional Chinese
Filtration of antibiotic (penicillin, cephalothin)
Filtration of vatamin (vitamin C, vitamin B2)
Chinese traditional medicine (compound oral liquid, injection)
Filtration of fermentation
Enzyme reaction (protease, phytase)
Ferment amino acid (lysine, glutamic, glycin)
Ferment organic acid (latic, citric)
Catalysts recovery and enrichment
Organic solvent recovery
Nanopowder washing and recovery 
Preparation of ultrafine powers
Inorganic membrane catalytic reactor
Fruit juice sterilization, clarification, and concentration
Dairy sterilization and concentration
Protein standardization
Alcohol sterilization and concentration
Soybean deep processing
Tea extraction and deep processing 
Fermented products sterilization and clarification 
Treatment of municipal wastewater
Treatment of washing, food, latex wastewater
Treatment of tobacco wastewater
Rinse dye printing wastewater treatment
Oil / water separation treatment
Electroplating wastewater treatment
Special application
Banknote printing wastewater treatment
Acid / alkali recovery 
Treatment of landfill leachate
Oilfield produced water re-injection
Treatment of special chemical wastewater
(coking, leather, textiles,  etc.)
Emuslfied oil treatment
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