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Juice Clarification Technology  
Tubular membrane filtration applied in juice clarification, not only can remove bacterials, pectins and crude proteins which can cause juice metamorphic, but also preserve fragrant aromas and nutriment. These adavantages all made membrane filtration an irreplaceable role.
Good filter quality and product quality.
Process simplification, production cycle shortened.
Two-way feeding system, full use of membrane filtration.
Data collection and online monitoring, reduce labor intensity.
Automatic flushing in blackout to ensure that no fouling membrane reactor.
PVDF has high anti pollution capacity, high flux, produces a stable effluent.

MF UF Dairy and Beer Sterilization 
As same as most beverage filtration process, traditional beer filtration is also by diatomite filtration, which will consumes a large amount of diatomite, not only the diatomite filtration discharge will pollute the environment, but also is not cost efficiency. Besides, the product quality is not stable.
The membrane filtration application in beer is widely applied for its unique advantages。
Operate automatically and continuously, increase production efficiency.
Environmental-friendly, clean production.
No need for diatomite and fine filter,saving money.


Whey Concentration
Whey is the by-product of cheese and caseins etc., which is nutritious and contains a large amount of food proteins, lactose, mineral and vitamin. The whey proteins in the whey are often discharged directly, which not only cause damage to environment, but also waste resource. The recovery and concentration of whey protein is now becoming a focus all over the world.

The MF UF NF membrane filtration technique in reclamation of whey is widely applied in this field. The system design is depend on the whey condition and product requirements, which increase the production efficiency and guarantee the quality.


      CIP system
PLC automatic control
Counter-current diafiltration
High flux, stable yeild, high prodctivity
CIP system High flux, stable yeild, high prodctivity
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